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Top 10 Most Sought After Collectibles

Are Your Collectibles At Risk?

The simple answer is YES for most people.  When burglars enter a home, they are looking for specific items.  This is a MUST READ for anyone who has collectibles of any type in their home.  The article highlights not only the need to insure these items properly, but also to have a comprehensive inventory of all your collectibles.  Without the proper coverage and documentation, the sub-limits of all homeowners policies is very minimal.  Most homeowners are totally unaware of policy limits regarding collections.  As an inventory professional, I can attest to the fact that almost anyone who has collections is self-insured to one degree or another and is totally unaware of the fact.

Catastrophic loss due to a disaster may seem like an unlikely occurrence to most people, with a tell-tale comment, “What are the odds that will happen to me?”.  Burglary is another risk not easily discounted.  Affluent areas of any city are targets for professional burglars. They understand the high likelihood  of unsecured valuable collectibles in these homes that are easy to find and easy to steal.  What are the odds this could happen to you?  Very much higher that a natural disaster but the dollars values in terms of loss can be nearly as great.  Like the Boy Scout motto says, Be Prepared.

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